Steel Pipe MADE IN U.S.A.

If your job does not require prime materials, our secondary steel pipe could be right for your project. It is ideal for sign posts, fence posts, dock piles, pipe pilings, bollards and other construction applications.

Available as a stock item in 4-1/2” OD and 6-5/8” OD at 7’ lengths. These items are primed and ready for your project. The 4” and 7” BOLLARDCOVERUSA's bollard covers fit perfectly on the 4-1/2” and 6-5/8” steel pipe and are a great alternative to painting.

Secondary pipe is pipe that had been rejected by the producing mills at the time of manufacturer, because of some physical or chemical defect or issues with tolerance due to yields. Mill rejects are sold on an as is basis and carry no warranty of any kind either expressed or implied.

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Made in USA